Welding table protection, anti-spatter and anti-corrosion effect

Best Armor

Preparation for protecting welding tables, as well as elements of welding robots and laser cutters.

Anti-spatter and anti-corrosion effect.

The product leaves a durable layer, thus making it easy to take care of the purity, full functionality and performance of the protected element.

Directions for use (welding table):


Dilution: 1:1 – 1:2


  1. Before applying Best Armor, clean the table with a degreaser (“Best Max” is recommended at a dilution of 1:5-1:10)
  2. Apply Best Armor by spraying it on the surface
  3. Carefully spread the product over the surface with a soft cloth
  4. Leave about 5 minutes for the preparation to dry. After this time, the table is secured and ready to work.
  5. Repeat the procedure every 3-4 weeks (depending on the intensity of work on the table)

Product Benefits:

  • splinter-free table for precise and comfortable work
  • saving time by no need to repeatedly clean the table of spatter
  • comfort of work on the table- despite the compact oil compounds in the preparation, the table is not greasy when dried
  • extending the service life and factory parameters of the table