Cleaning agent for steel and machines

Best Orange

A professional, powerful cleaner for steel and machinery, which is a combination of safe solvents and citrus compounds.

The preparation is intended for “special tasks”, i.e. for removing dirt such as: long-term, baked oil, dried heavy oil, tar, hard-to-remove high-viscosity lubricants, etc. It easily dissolves adhesives, silicones, sealants, anti-corrosive agents.

Does not corrode steel.

Dehydrogenated product (non-explosive).

Be careful! The product may have an adverse effect on painted surfaces!

Directions for use:


  • by spraying (hand washing)
  • by immersion

Product Benefits:

  • Best Orange copes with dirt perceived as “irremovable” so far
  • very fast action (time-saving)
  • nice smell