A water-based degreasing cleaner

Best Eco

A water-based degreasing cleaner Highly effective, while maintaining the utmost health, safety and environmental standards.

It is a safe alternative in the process of degreasing before painting, as opposed to solvents or e.g. extraction benzine.
An excellent cleaner for machinery, equipment, floors, etc. Reliable and indispensable in every maintenance department.
The formulation contains corrosion inhibitors, so it can also be used on raw, unprotected components.


Directions for use:


1:5-1:10 – heavy soiling
1:15-1:20 – degreasing before painting
1:30-1:40 – degreasing using a “Kaercher”-type washer
1:100-1:200 – floor cleaning with a scrubber dryer


The product can be used for manual washing (apply the preparation on the surface to be cleaned, wipe with a cloth or just rinse – depending on the type of dirt), as well as in a high-pressure washer (Kaercher type), also by immersion, or in table-top washers.

Product Benefits:


  • non-flammable
  • neutral pH (safe for hand skin)
  • biodegradable
  • effective and safe
  • versatile application (degreasing before painting, degreasing repaired elements, degreasing and cleaning machines, devices, floors, walls, etc.)
  • economical product (highly dilutable, therefore costs less than non-dilutable solvent-based formulations)