Modern descaler preparation

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Modern descaler preparation, in the form of a concentrate, based on acids (mainly food-grade), for removing lime deposits as well as, for example, iron oxide (rust).

It is characterized by the fact that it does not break off pieces of deposit, but dissolves them, so that the decalcification process is safe and fully controllable.
The product contains corrosion inhibitors.


The descaler has a very high effectiveness even at ambient temperature, while heated to Max. 60 degrees C shows even greater effectiveness.


Optimally for the action of the preparation is to use it in a forced water circuit.

Concentration and use:


1:5-1:20 – if you want to remove fairly thick scale quickly (in a few tens of minutes)

1:30-1:60 and more (recommended) – if you want to have full control over the descaling process.

We need a lot more time for this (8-12 hours), but the extended time allows you to achieve a satisfactory result, without the risk of at least removing too much scale, which can eventually lead to unsealing of old water systems.


We remind you that descalers should not be used on galvanized surfaces.




  • very high efficiency
  • modern structure of the descaler, that is safer for the user
  • deposits are dissolved rather than detached
  • content of food-grade acids, thus reducing the amount of aggressive acids
  • corrosion inhibitors
  • full control over the decalcification process