Industrial sorbents

Polypropylene sorbents

Sorbents in the form of mats, sleeves and pillows are very convenient to use. They easily eliminate problems related to liquid leakage during production processes.

The advantage of polypropylene sorbents is that they can be used before the leak, as in most cases we know where the leak will occur (e.g. coolant escaping during component machining, leaks in the cooling system, lubrication system).

Polypropylene sorbents enable us to maintain the highest health, safety and environmental standards in a very easy and convenient way.


Classification of polypropylene sorbents:

Based on the form:

Mats in leaves:

available in 100 or 200 pieces per pack. Leaf size: 50 cm x 40 cm. One mat can absorb between 0.5 L and 1.5 L of liquid!


Mats in rolls

Width of 76 cm x roll length 46 m or 92 m. Easy to use thanks to convenient perforation.



Rollers with a diameter of 8 cm and lengths of 120, 240 and 360 cm. They are excellent for strapping e.g. a machine tool in a corner, at the point of contact with the ground – where leaks are very common.



Size 50 cm x 40 cm or 38 cm x 24 cm. Applicable in areas with intensive point source leakage


Based on the application:


Universal (grey)

Absorb all liquids – oils, coolants, water, body fluids, etc.


Oil (white)

Hydrophobic, i.e. absorbing oils and all petroleum substances, while repelling water. Example: oil stain on water – oil sorbent will absorb oil but not water. Can be used in wet conditions (e.g. car workshops and outdoor work)


Chemical (yellow)

Absorb all liquids, including aggressive ones


Based on the thickness and absorbency:



100 mats in a package or 46 meters on a roll. Weight: 240 g/m2; absorbency of one mat is approximately 1 litre.



100 mats in a package or 46 meters on a roll. Weight: 350 g/m2; absorbency of one mat is approximately 1.5 litres.



200 mats in a package or 92 meters on a roll. Weight: 165 g/m2; the absorbency of one mat is approximately 0.7 litres.


There are twice as many ECONOMY mats in a pack as PREMIUM mats, but the absorbency of a single mat is approximately twice as low.


Our range also includes emergency kits (large and small) and loose sorbent (various granulations)

Product Benefits:


  • performance
  • effectiveness
  • safety