Preparation for removing paint coatings

Best Paint-Off

Best Paint-Off is a preparation with which we can effectively remove old paint coatings from various surfaces.


Thanks to the fact that the product comes in gel form, it can be conveniently used on vertical surfaces. The preparation works well on metal, glass, concrete, wooden surfaces, etc. It should not be used on plastic surfaces.


If we have any doubts about the application on a given surface, conduct a mat test in an invisible place.


The product effectively removes coatings: chlorinated rubber, nitrocellulose, polyvinyl, alkyd, acrylic, epoxy (in most cases), polyurethane (after extended time) and others. In summary, it works well on most surfaces covered with wet and powder paint.


The duration of action of the preparation depends on the coating – from 15 minutes upwards.


The product should be used in well ventilated rooms, while maintaining the high standards of occupational safety and health, as described in the safety data sheet.


After removing the old coating, the surface should be cleaned, for example with the preparation


  • Effectiveness in removing paint coatings: Using innovative ingredients, they can quickly and effectively remove the coating and restore the surface to its original condition.
  • Easy to use: Formulations of this type are simple to use and usually just apply le to the surface, wait a specified time and remove the remaining coating.
  • Do not damage the surface: Unlike traditional paint removal methods such as sanding, paint strippers do not damage the surface.
    Save time: Paint strippers are quick to use, saving time that can be spent on other tasks.
  • Accuracy: much greater effectiveness in removing coatings, especially in hard-to-reach areas where mechanical removal is virtually impossible or time-consuming.